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1. Pashanam Shaji becomes the new captain

Bigg Boss Malayalam’s 32nd day starts with some entertaining events. Arya teaches fellow housemates folk dance. The team appears to be having fun at the daily task. Later, Bigg Boss calls everyone to the living area and declares that owing to eye infection, Raghu, Alessandra, and Reshma are excluded from the home.

By midday, Bigg Boss assigns the luxury budget task to the winning team to choose the luxury items. For the 3200 points that they earned from the task, the team wisely chooses luxury items. Later Bigg Boss asks the housemates to pick 3 contestants for the challenge of captaincy. Most of the winning team’s people suggest Daya, Pradeep, and Shaji as the contestants who qualify.

Yet Rajith starts shouting soon after the announcement. He adds that it is’ absolute injustice’ nobody nominated him for the same thing. Which sparks a colossal house brawl. Rajith says the team already wants to’ corner’ him. He also mocks others thinking he will win the challenge again. Hearing this, Manju screams they don’t want an’ evil captain’ like Rajith in any way

The current captain, Rajith, however, names the trio as the mission contestants. Rajith is seen moaning to everyone about the nomination before the mission starts. He ends up with Fukru and Sujo in a huge argument about the same.

2. Sujo Mathew’s rumored girlfriend Sanjana slams him for his ‘Who is Sanjana’ comment

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 contestant Sujo Mathew recently disembarked in a controversy. Sujo denied being in a relationship with his alleged girlfriend Sanjana, during an altercation with co-contestant Pavan Thomas. Netizens are upset by the statement from Sujo, as the contestant mentioned earlier on the show that his girlfriend gifted his t-shirts.

Sanjana has taken to her Instagram handle to respond to the statements made by Sujo. Slamming the contestant to deny their relationship, Sanjana said: “integrity is more important than the game.”

“Sujo, you don’t really know who gave you this jacket? Sanjana is your friend? Seriously? Be content with your lies,” she says.

3. Finalist Is Rooting For Wildcard

Bigg Boss Malayalam 1’s finalist Shiyas Kareem has taken to his social media to wish his friend and fellow model Pavan Gino Thomas good luck, who recently made a smashing entry as a wildcard contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam’s second season. Shiyas wrote in the social media post: “All my brother’s best pavan for your entry to the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 wildcard.

Pavan Gino Thomas, who joined season 2 of Bigg Boss Malayalam on February 2nd, 2020, and RJ Sooraj managed to entertain the audience with his antics in the game. The Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant, a popular model in the Chennai circuit, gained fame after he bagged the first runner-up award at the 2019 Mr. India contest.

Pavan is keen to pursue acting according to reports. The contestant for Bigg Boss Malayalam has reportedly featured in a small role in the sci-fi film of Shivakarthikeyan. Interestingly, he is a cousin of the popular model and contestant Sujo Mathew for Bigg Boss Malayalam.

4.Bigg Boss Malayalam 2- Vote Results – Pradeep and Daya are safe- Reshma is in Danger

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 ended its four weeks and will now start its fifth week. Every day in Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 house the suspense, confusion, and battles take on new twists. Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 house’s first week went peacefully, with contestants opening up by sharing their lives. The host Mohanlal cautioned them for breaking certain house rules. Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote is one the most voted shows gaining trp.

Bigg Boss Malayalam’s first elimination of season 2 happened this week and Rajini Chandy has been evicted. The second to be eliminated was Reshma Rajan. Somdas had to leave because of illness meanwhile. Followed by this the last contestant to be eliminated was Thesni Khan.

The fifth elimination this week will be fascinating as Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 has entered a crucial phase of third elimination. A lot of action, drama, and suspense awaits the audience when Mohanlal, the host, digs into this week’s happening. Nonetheless, the decision was revealed this week that it is not quite clear who will be evicted.

5. Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote casting Effects seventh February: Daya and Pradeep is Protected

Malayalam 2 Bigg Boss enters its 5th season. Inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 house, the drama, confusion, fun, and fights continue to a really perfect extent. Week 1 used to be non-violent with the contestants sharing their private tales and Mohanlal warned them of a few violations contrary to Bigg Boss’s principles. Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote results here.

Mohanlal launched the first removal of the season to occur this weekend and used to evict Rajini Chandy. Reshma Rajan and Somadas used to be the second one elimination of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 made a sudden sickness-related go-out. Thesni Khan had been the closing contestant to be eradicated after this.

When Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 enters the decisive segment of 3rd removal while contestants and target audience are still in the bonhomie, this week’s 5th-week removal of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 is likely to be an overly interesting one. The weekend episodes promise a lot of movement and excitement when host Mohanlal dives into the week’s events.

Access to 2 wildcard entries, Daya Ashwathy and Jazla Madassari are expected this week to raise issues inside the Bigg Boss house. On the other side, they were eventually nominated this week for eliminations.

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